John Garrison

My ideal position would be porting a C++ or C application to C#. I'm also interested in ASP.NET development positions.
Jan 2005 - Present:
Web Development Supervisor

I currently supervise 11 developers and manage internet application development.

Oct 2003 - Jan 2005:
Financial Systems Supervisor, Department of Revenue

Supervised 8 developers and managed several projects. These included interagency payments for excise tax returns, property tax receivables re-write, and internet payment of invoices. Typical roles I performed were setting priorities with managers, communicating project status, gathering and documenting requirements, developing project schedules, and assigning tasks to developers. I also coded and led developers in VB6 client/server and ASP.NET projects.

Apr 2002 - Oct 2003:
Internet Excise Tax Return Technical Lead, Department of Revenue

During this period, the number of users or out application increased to over 50,000 with over $300 million a month in payments. This was due in large part to the reliability, performance, and usability enhancements designed and mostly implemented by me, as well as system enhancements on which I was the technical lead.

  • Led three developers in converting 60,000 lines of ASP and VB6 MTS code to C# and ASP DOT NET. Designed a new database schema to support a data-driven application model. Created over 100 unit tests with NUnit.

  • Designed and implemented a multithreaded batch program management server in C#. Running as an NT service, jobs are loaded and ran from dot net DLL's, which can be updated at runtime. An ASP dot net web application is used to set job schedules, view run history, start or kill jobs, and to view exception and control reports. This provides for centralized management of the batch environment.

  • Redesigned and implemented a critical batch program for sending ACH Debit payments to US Bank over an unreliable dialup connection with xmodem. The system provides fully traceable audit of creation, sending, send errors, receipt, resending, and deletion of payments.
  • Jan 99 - Apr 2002:
    Internet Excise Tax Return Middle Tier Lead, Department of Revenue

    Redesigned the system architecture and implemented the VB MTS middle-tier and SQL Server 7.0 stored procedure changes for a hundred-fold performance improvement in Washington State's internet tax filing application. The original system used an ActiveX control in a frame to hold the application data. Web pages were displayed in a separate frame with the data filled in from the control. It took up to ten minutes for a user on a dialup connection to load the main page. In the redesigned application, load time was reduced to ten seconds by keeping the data in the database and building the pages on the server with ASP. After these improvements were made, the number of users increased from 200 to 10,000 in less than 18 months.

    BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, Evergreen State College, 1998
    AA, Computer Studies, University of Maryland, 1994.
    Code Samples
  • Java like scripting language in C
  • Java virtual machine in Java
  • VT6530 Terminal Emulator in Java & C++
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